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Title: Skin on skin
Fandom: Lost
Characters: Sawyer, Ana Lucia
Pairing: Sawyer/Ana Lucia
Rating: G
Word count: 189
Disclaimer: Lost (c) ABC et alia.
Note: inspired by this clip from "Two for the Road" (2x20), and written just for fun. Thanks to [personal profile] tokenblkgirl  for the beta. Any remaining mistakes are mine. You can read the Italian version (slightly modified) here.

A hell of a fight, but worthy of every single bite and cut. )

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Title: It's memories that I'm stealing
Fandom: Lost
Characters: Ana Lucia Cortez; Jack Shephard
Rating: G
Word count: 245 (W)
Prompt: 082. – Black @ [ profile] 100_women 
Warning: SPOILER S4 (well, you know… just in case)
Disclaimer: Lost (c) ABC et alia.
Note: Set sometime during/after Something Nice Back Home (04x10). When you dream you’re innocent © Tom Waits. [ profile] tokenblkgirl is a fantastic betareader. More after the jump.

She smells nice, tonight, like coconut and sea breeze )
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Title: Butterfly caught
Fandom: Lost
Characters: Juliet Burke; Jack Shephard
Rating: G
Beta: [ profile] tokenblkgirl <3
Prompt: 043. – Dreams @ [ profile] 100_women 
Warning: SPOILER S4 (well, just in case)
Disclaimer: Lost (c) ABC et alia.
Note: Sometime between Something Nice Back Home (04x10) and Through the Looking Glass (03x22). The title is a song by Massive Attack, which suits both characters. You can read the original version (in Italian) here.

she’s not the winner, she’s just dictating the terms of her own surrender )
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Title: Jilted
Fandom: Prison Break
Character: Sara Tancredi
Prompt: 014. Hope @ [ profile] 100_women 
Rating: G
Words: 192 (W)
Disclaimer: Prison Break is not mine.
Note: yet another musing on Sara's feelings during ep. 01x19, ‘The Key’. Fist attempt at PB ~ Feedback much appreciated. Many, many thanks to [ profile] happywriter06  for the beta-reading.

Is there a way to control all these feelings? Because if there is one, they forgot to tell her. )
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This is my claim at [ profile] 1fandom.

Fandom: Lost
Theme Set: Second

01. Heavy02. Slip03. Uphold04. Magic05. Hurry
06. Hole07. Music08. Inside09. Later10. One
11. World12. Cheat13. Pink14. Love15. Eat
16. Stone17. Boss18. Feather19. Here20. Now
21. Parent22. Free23. Whimsy24. Worry25. Star
26. Way27. Dish28. Pride29. Build30. Expelled
31. Perfect32. Night33. Lost34. Time35. Evil
36. Today37. Crack38. Quit39. Play40. Nut
41. Down42. Ready43. Slow44. Animal45. Teen
46. Burn47. Tie48. Blast49. They50. Rot


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