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Title: Jilted
Fandom: Prison Break
Character: Sara Tancredi
Prompt: 014. Hope @ [ profile] 100_women 
Rating: G
Words: 192 (W)
Disclaimer: Prison Break is not mine.
Note: yet another musing on Sara's feelings during ep. 01x19, ‘The Key’. Fist attempt at PB ~ Feedback much appreciated. Many, many thanks to [ profile] happywriter06  for the beta-reading.

She can’t really say it was unexpected. And honestly, she was pretty much hoping for it, but she’s still taken by surprise. His hands, his lips, his tongue.

She closes her eyes and fades into him. It’s a strange feeling, sharp and pleasant, but not completely satisfying. There’s something missing, details that don’t quite match the picture.

So when everything finishes she listens to his words and tries to ignore that strange feeling, grinding like when sometimes she still wants morphine. Years of therapy have taught her how to dissect it, name it, and finally control it.

And because she wants to trust him, she strokes his face and starts naming it, silently.

Happiness, of course, then desire, frustration, misery, regret.


Is there a way to control all these feelings? Because if there is one, they forgot to tell her.

So she walks away. It doesn’t take much before she realizes it had been the right move.

Actually, it takes her about two hours and a lunch break. She’s not really surprised. She’s not even angry or pleased for that matter.

Hope is nothing but a four letter word after all.
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