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Title: Skin on skin
Fandom: Lost
Characters: Sawyer, Ana Lucia
Pairing: Sawyer/Ana Lucia
Rating: G
Word count: 189
Disclaimer: Lost (c) ABC et alia.
Note: inspired by this clip from "Two for the Road" (2x20), and written just for fun. Thanks to [personal profile] tokenblkgirl  for the beta. Any remaining mistakes are mine. You can read the Italian version (slightly modified) here.

Sometimes he looks at her and just can’t help wondering. How would it be to get skin on skin with such a muchacha? A hell of a fight, but worthy of every single bite and cut.

However, they should switch places: what would it be like to see her submissive? Or – even better – vulnerable? A little girl lost in the woods rather than an LAPD cop burning down the jungle.

He thinks about it a lot, to the point that when the skin on skin in fact happens, it starts just like he had imagined it. Well, maybe she’s not a little girl lost in the woods, Ana-Lulu, but she seems vulnerable enough, and maybe even a little scared.

She’s on the ground, breathing heavily under the weight of his body. Now she should, what? Beg? Yeah, that would just crown it.

He’s trying to remember what happens next, the last time he thought on it, when she kisses him. Or better, she bites his lips.

That’s the problem with women, he thinks: they always improvise.

He doesn’t dislike it, however. He’s always been very good at improvising too.

Note: Ana Lucia’s nicknames are (c) Sawyer. And I know I’m the only one, but I kinda miss old!Sawyer.

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