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Just a quick note – SPOILERS this way

Prison Break finale. Uhm. Still need to digest it, but overall I would say it was quite disappointing. Not because of Michael’s death, which of course sucks A LOT but is somehow okay – after all we don’t see him die, and Sara looked way too cheerful. (Besides, escaping from the coffin would be the ultimate challenge for Michael. XD) The thing is, I found it too rhetorical and to some extent very sloppy (ie, the General, Sofia), something that may be in line with the last two seasons, but still. I really liked Mahone and Lang though.

Lost S5 finale. Sorry guys, but this was the worst season so far (yes, S3 was actually better). I think they’re pushing their luck a bit too far here, dicking around with random ancient mythologies and cheap new age stuff. I’ve always loved Lost not for the crazy theories it spawns but for the complex storytelling, unpredictable interactions and thoughtful character development, all of which have been blatantly dismissed in this season. In turn, we had a deus-ex-machina trick (literally!) and cheap Egyptian symbolism... You gotta be kidding me! I have the feeling that Lost is fully embracing the realm of pure speculation and over-interpretation, and I’m not happy with that. NOT HAPPY. D:

Dreamwidth. I’m considering the idea of moving there. Looks like a nice place. I’ll keep you posted.