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Title: Butterfly caught
Fandom: Lost
Characters: Juliet Burke; Jack Shephard
Rating: G
Beta: [ profile] tokenblkgirl <3
Prompt: 043. – Dreams @ [ profile] 100_women 
Warning: SPOILER S4 (well, just in case)
Disclaimer: Lost (c) ABC et alia.
Note: Sometime between Something Nice Back Home (04x10) and Through the Looking Glass (03x22). The title is a song by Massive Attack, which suits both characters. You can read the original version (in Italian) here.

“Thanks for saving his life,” Kate whispers before leaving the tent.

She looks sincerely grateful; she seems defeated, also, but Juliet is too tired to clarify the irony of the situation. Because she’s not the winner, she’s just dictating the terms of her own surrender.

So she smirks and goes back to stitch up the wound. She’s not a surgeon, and the conditions in which she’s working are far from perfection, but she’s doing all she can in order to avoid marks.

Her fingers graze Jack’s skin and his muscles twitch.

Juliet smiles, funny how such a tiny detail can make such a big difference.

She should remain silent, but opts for speaking. (Besides, he shouldn't have kissed her, but he did it anyway.)

“I know you’re awake.”

He doesn’t answer, but she feels his heart skipping a beat. She knows she’s left a mark.

Three years after, Jack sees himself in the mirror and notices the scar for the first time.

Three hours later, he’s on the first flight to Sydney. The first of a long series.

There is no turbulence. He closes his eyes and tries to sleep.

I know you’re awake, Jack.
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