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Title: It's memories that I'm stealing
Fandom: Lost
Characters: Ana Lucia Cortez; Jack Shephard
Rating: G
Word count: 245 (W)
Prompt: 082. – Black @ [ profile] 100_women 
Warning: SPOILER S4 (well, you know… just in case)
Disclaimer: Lost (c) ABC et alia.
Note: Set sometime during/after Something Nice Back Home (04x10). When you dream you’re innocent © Tom Waits. [ profile] tokenblkgirl is a fantastic betareader. More after the jump.

She smells nice, tonight, like coconut and sea breeze. And tonight she’s her mirror image, except for the colors. Hers brown and black instead of gold and blue, something that says a lot about Jack’s latest fantasies.

She drinks tequila and tonic, and has a distinctive latino accent that gives her voice flirting a mellow touch. While she talks, Jack wonders if her liquorice eyes would become darker during sex. Wonders what it would be like to hear her moaning in that mellow accent.

This is so cliché that it’s almost pathetic. But this is a dream, so that’s fine.

He says, So, tell me, Ana Lucia, why are you drinking tequila and tonics at ten to noon?

It’s 3 am and he’s the one who’s drinking, actually.

She licks her fingertips and says, The worst part’s over.

He chuckles. Over? This is just the beginning.

The beginning of what?, she whispers.

Ana’s lips are moist with tequila. She takes him down and gets on top of him. Jack nuzzles her skin, smooth and brown like milk chocolate. Her eyes are pitch black when he kisses her, a soft kiss to which she replies with hunger, running her fingers through his hair.

When Ana starts pulling off his clothes, Jack's eyes lift to the ceiling.

Kate is sleeping in their room, the engagement ring placed on her finger.

This is a dream, Jack. And according to the song, when you dream you’re innocent.

Are you?

Ana Lucia’s death in S2 was a HUGE letdown. She was a very cool and powerful character and I was hoping for more interaction with Jack – not necessarily in a ‘ship’ sort of way (although I still believe they’re a fantastic pairing). So be warned: more to come!

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Date: 2009-05-21 09:49 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm not really sure I totally buy them as a paring, but this is *so* well done that I had to love the story. Your writing is poetic and I love the generally bizare quality of the dream.

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Date: 2009-05-22 05:13 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you so much for giving them a shot! :)