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Title: Just harmless fantasies
Fandom: Prison Break
Characters: Debra Jean Belle; Tweener
Rating: PG-15
Prompt: 058. – Morning @ [ profile] 100_women
Word Count: 746 (W)
Disclaimer: Prison Break is not mine – just borrowing minor characters.
Note: Takes place during episodes 2x04 and 2x05 –sort of missing pieces between Debra and Tweener. I’ve always been intrigued by Debra Jean and I’m planning to write more about her. (So that you know.) Thanks to [ profile] happywriter06 for the accurate betareading.

She always thought her name was a sign. Debra Jean Belle, c’mon. Can you imagine anything more predictable and naive? Moreover, her parents had taken great pride in teaching her the proper ways of living: steady and well-mannered, neatly dressed and free from flights of fancies.

That’s why Debra had put the notice on the board. Last year she’d gone to Utah by plane, a neat and rather boring trip. This year, not only she was going to drive home; she was looking for somebody – anybody – with whom to share the ride. She kept this last bit for herself. So much for predictability.

However, when this Scott guy shows up she first hesitates – old habits being hard to break and all that – but eventually embraces it: Goodbye predictability. Hello randomness

Even though she’s never been that good at change and goodbyes.


In fact, when this Scott guy steps out of the shower, she wasn’t going to get some tequila and lime. Not at all. She was just wondering what it would be like to get some tequila and lime; just taking her imagination on a wild ride.

Just harmless fantasies.

But the moment his eyes are on her, the towel still wrapped around his waist, she feels like a deer caught in the headlights. And she hates herself for that, because c’mon, this is exactly what he’s seeing.

Debra Jean Belle, the predictable and naive deer.

So she heads for the door. You can’t embrace randomness if you’re not ready for a whole lot of pain.


After the kiss, when this Scott guy slips a hand between her legs, Debra gasps and pushes him away.

“Wait... wait…” Her voice is muffled but not because of the alcohol. Quite the opposite in fact. She’s still too sober for this.

“You seem kinda nervous,” he says.

“You’ve said that before, y’know that?”

She is nervous, so she gets another shot and shudders when the liquor reaches her stomach. She hands him the bottle, avoiding his gaze.

“And like I said, you got nothin’ to worry about.” He twists the top of the bottle and puts it to his lips.

“Yeah, sure. But you know, it’s different for girls. I can’t, like, y’know… And then just…” Chicken out, she’s about to say.

“What? Wait, I mean…” He looks nervous, too, in an awkward sort of way. “You’re a nice girl, attractive…”

Debra blushes and feels stupid immediately after, so she pulls free and tries to get up. He’s right, she really got to learn how to lie.

“But hey, wait!” He clutches her hand and it’s a surprisingly gentle touch. “Don’t, please. Yo, you just say no and I understand, okay? I mean, I’m not a pervert. A’aight?”

“A’aight?” she mocks him.

He smiles and takes another drink of tequila. This time he shudders, and she smiles back.

“Here, let me get you some lime.”


Moving towards the bedside table, Debra loses her balance and falls on the bed laughing. He joins her shortly after and they just lie there for a while, empty bodies staring at the ceiling. She can feel the warmth and the smell of his skin, a mixture of fresh lime and cheap motel soap.

Then he slowly leans over to kiss her, gently at first, then eating, licking, touching, exploring. When he presses his body against her, with a clumsy moves Debra pulls her top over her head. Next he’s naked too, his mouth tasting her skin, his fingertips tracing the curve of her hips, reaching for her panties and pulling them off.

This is not her first time, another thing her father would love to know, but somehow Debra feels that this time she’s about to cross a very thin line, and not because she’s having drunk sex with some guy she’s picked up few hours ago. Then his tongue plays and licks between her thighs and Debra, flushed and excited, opens up for him. He slips into her smoothly. She smiles and don’t remember what she was thinking about.


She doesn’t cross that very thin line until the morning after, when she shuts the door in fear and he comes out of the bathroom. The look on his face is what Debra would remember later, and forever.

It’s surprise, together with panic and a glimpse of hope.

It’s the deer caught in the headlights.

It’s love in infinite variations.

It’s a whole lot of pain.
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